A History of Keeping Our Word to Our Customers

ARC Manufacturing Co. employees If we had a story to tell, the theme would be the respect we've earned from our customers by keeping our word. When we said it would be delivered on a particular date, it was. When our customers demanded specific tolerances, we met their requirements.

We just don't advertise good workers and impressive machines. Our loyal and skilled employees use some of the best CNC and QC equipment available to deliver outstanding work. Our consistent ability, during the more than thrity years we've been in business, to meet or exceed customer expectations is an important part of our history.

Over time, we've grown because we could produce and deliver the "tougher jobs". With the right skill sets, equipment, leadership, and attention to the smallest details (tightest specifications), we've stood out from among the many machine shops in our region.

ARC Manufacturing Co. - a Philadelphia area machine shop So our story isn't about one or two special events or multiple factory moves from one location to another. It's about how our customers have learned to challenge us with the special work that sets them apart from their competition. It's about how we continue to keep our word about delivering the finest work to leading companies in a variety of industries.

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