JOHAN Pin Rolls

pin roll 1 Pin rolls are used for metal conveyor belt systems. ARC Manufacturing is a leading manufacturer of pin rolls used by premier conveyor belting systems.

JOHAN Pin Rolls come in a number of drive configurations including:

  • bull-nose end with end change/discharge drive
  • center drive with bull nose ends
  • end drive with smooth pulleys
  • center drive with smooth pulleys
pin roll 2

Our JOHAN Pin Rolls provide full-length positive drive for prolonged belt life. Our design minimizes belt damage and slippage while improving belt operating speed and performance. JOHAN Pin Rolls are ideal for light to medium duty conveyor systems.

They are constructed from carbon steel or stainless steel single piece bar stock. Extra wide rolls are built in modulars on the same CNC machine by skilled machinists. Every JOHAN Pin Roll we build is uniquely designed and machined to your specifications.

pin roll machining

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