Quick Response to Tough Challenges and Medium Production Runs

machined part 1 We can work with you on many different types of quotes. Because of our engineering capabilities and years of experience, we can machine the most complicated parts. Our customers rely to us to provide input on their parts. And we quote in multiple quantities and for blanket orders when requested.

It all begins when you email or fax us an engineering drawing or drawings of fabricated items or complete assemblies. We'll review your drawings carefully, determining how we would make you part(s) and what materials will be used to create the solution you need. We work with metals like inconel, titanium, aluminum, copper, and alloy and stainless steels. 6 machined parts

We'll respond quickly to your inquiry. If we can do everything ourselves, quotes responses are out within a day or two. It takes a little longer if you have unique sub-contractor requirements. We work closely with our subs so they get back to us quickly and we turn the quote around to you as fast as we can. We'll quote multiple quantities when you want. 4 machined parts

If we have questions or concerns about the drawings, we'll contact you immediately. Our experience in machining has allowed us to help many of our customers to modify their drawings to reduce machining or fabrication time, and save money!

To discuss your part or build concern, Click here to Contact Us. Or email us an inquiry or a drawing that we can quote. We can work with you to engineer a good solution right from the beginning.